The adjectival order…

Hello friends, This time, I’ll stick to my profession and (teach you a lesson or two in English). Anyone who has attended elementary school knows what adjectives are. How much elementary school information is retained, is a different matter altogether. Just so you don’t end up scratching your scalp dry – adjectives are words that describe a noun. E.g. in the phrase ‘the tall boy’ – ‘boy’ is the noun and ‘tall’ is the adjective. Now let’s take another example […]

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Commonly Confused Words

Hi friends. While the title sounds quite prosaic at worst or repetitive at best – the content and the intended effect is still relevant. With numerous students graduating and waiting for their forthcoming interviews – this piece should be helpful to one and all. Not just students (sadly but truly) many grown-ups can use it too (read: need it too). Let’s get straight to the point. The point is that just like any other language – English has different words […]

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So common yet so little known…

Hello friends… feels good to come out in the sun from under the rock. I’ve been thinking of a topic to write, when I stumbled upon this one… we’ve been using these phrases since we learnt speaking… but do we know that these were Latin phrases, borrowed in English? I hear some ‘YES’es and see many blank faces. It’s OK, we’re not computers/savants to know everything. Here’s a low-down for your benefit… ad hoc Transliteration: For this Translation: improvised, made […]

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Mind your language…

Hello, folks… long time, no see. How are you? I hope all you lovely people are doing fine. Just remembered – ‘How are you’ is a greeting – not a question. Don’t start with your rave and rant when someone asks you this question. There are several such things I’m sure some of you still don’t have a clue about. I’ll help. Hence the title. Since times immemorial, man has been evolving and so are his means of communication – […]

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