We will survive…

Hello friends. It’s good to write once again, although this post comes a bit later – but like they always say – better late than never. The heading is aptly titled. We (humans) as a race are quite resilient. We have survived a lot – and we still move on undaunted. A few noteworthy mentions are earthquakes, famines, impact events, limnic eruptions, wildfires/bushfires, avalanches/landslides, blizzards, floods, heatwaves, tornadoes, tropical cyclones, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions etc. I saved the best for last […]

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Hello friends. I’m back after yet another hiatus. I was hibernating, or so, I feel. But, now that I’m back – let’s talk. The other day, one of my ex-colleagues, Jack, said he’s quitting – said that he was going through a rough patch at work and that he can’t take it any more. While I empathized with him, I wasn’t sure if what he did, made for a good decision. I was discussing this with yet another good friend […]

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Microsoft Windows and I

Hello friends, I’m back – this is just a hibernation break though. After writing this – I’ll probably go back to hibernation. While I was busy fixing my PC (read transforming), I stumbled upon something we use daily but very conveniently forget – the OS or the operating system. I’m talking about Microsoft Windows. Although I’ve tried my hands at Mac OS and Linux – I prefer Windows for the ease-of-use it offers. For free, that is. That’s when I […]

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Unique Bucket List: Truly Amazing Places – International

Hello, readers and friends. I’m back with yet another reflection, something I’ve been compiling over the years. I don’t claim this is all – but this is what I’ve put on my Bucket List. The places I want to see before I bite the dust or metaphorically kick the bucket. This is a 2-part post: the first part encompasses global destinations. Part 2 – my motherland, India. Africa: Richat Structure, Mauritania What looks like a computer-generated random image, is a […]

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