We will survive…

Hello friends. It’s good to write once again, although this post comes a bit later – but like they always say – better late than never. The heading is aptly titled. We (humans) as a race are quite resilient. We have survived a lot – and we still move on undaunted. A few noteworthy mentions are earthquakes, famines, impact events, limnic eruptions, wildfires/bushfires, avalanches/landslides, blizzards, floods, heatwaves, tornadoes, tropical cyclones, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions etc. I saved the best for last […]

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Magnificent Jaipur

Hola mi amigos. Recently I’d been to Jaipur on an official trip. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to go. I’m a family man and I prefer visiting such places with my family. Well – when duty calls, the employed have to go – and so I went. The date: 12th July 2019. The weather was a far cry from Mumbai’s rainy weather. I went prepared – with a raincoat and an umbrella – things I never […]

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The adjectival order…

Hello friends, This time, I’ll stick to my profession and (teach you a lesson or two in English). Anyone who has attended elementary school knows what adjectives are. How much elementary school information is retained, is a different matter altogether. Just so you don’t end up scratching your scalp dry – adjectives are words that describe a noun. E.g. in the phrase ‘the tall boy’ – ‘boy’ is the noun and ‘tall’ is the adjective. Now let’s take another example […]

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YouTube in a Rickshaw

Hello friends, while this title may sound weird or even surprising – for me it’s scary. I clearly remember the day and the horror that ensued because of YouTube. It started off with me hiring an OLA Auto from home. Destination: Nerul (my workplace) Fare: doesn’t matter now Driver: Faishalam Khan Charge(s): Watching YouTube while driving I guess this is rampant across most auto drivers, these days. The process is simple. Once the ride starts (especially if it’s a long […]

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