A trip to Matheran a.k.a. निसर्गरम्य माथेरान

I’m back after a short break and a wonderful trip to Matheran. The first time I heard about this place is when I was in the 3rd or the 4th grade – through a lesson in Marathi निसर्गरम्य माथेरान. As the name board below clearly indicates, the town is 803 m (2635 ft) above sea level. For the uninitiated, this information is displayed on all station name boards (I’m sure you’ve never noticed). MSL = Mean Sea Level. Being a […]

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Commonly Confused Words

Hi friends. While the title sounds quite prosaic at worst or repetitive at best – the content and the intended effect is still relevant. With numerous students graduating and waiting for their forthcoming interviews – this piece should be helpful to one and all. Not just students (sadly but truly) many grown-ups can use it too (read: need it too). Let’s get straight to the point. The point is that just like any other language – English has different words […]

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An ACCIDENTAL trek to Karnala Fort

After a long time (and yearning for several years) I accomplished what I call ‘the challenging’. While I’m sure some of you (who are avid trekkers) may dismiss this is as not-so-challenging; I maintain my stance. At the other side of 40, with my level of fitness (read sluggishness/lethargy) – it was indeed a challenge to me. Well… so it was, for the other two too, who I accompanied. It was a cool Sunday morning (just like today) on the […]

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A trip to Saswad

While the title sounds like an essay topic from schooldays – I maintain, it’s deliberate. Hello friends. It’s good to be back on my writing bench (read: desktop computer). The end of 2018 was truly an amazing one – involved a lot of travel. I DO NOT mean COMMUTE – I know one from another (thank you). It kickstarted with an industrial visit to Gujarat. It was immediately followed by an ultra-short trip to Vadodara and back. I closed the […]

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